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Blossom Day Spa & Academy

Where Ocean Meets Wellness

Blossom Day Spa & Academy is located in the Birmingham region of the West Midlands area. 

Our passion is to provide and help sustain ones overall wellness by using one of the most Natural sources on earth, the Ocean through the use of marine based products. When using the Ocean, marine products and the Oceanic environment as a form of therapy/ complementary therapies, this is known as Thalassotherapy. The word Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word, ‘Thalassa’ meaning Sea and ‘therapeia’ which means therapy or healing.


Although Blossom Day Spa & Academy is not a Thalassotherapy Spa, we are introducing and implementing a form of Thalassotherapy by using marine based products in order to achieve overall wellness.

The spa consists of a warm welcoming reception, manicure and pedicure area, a Spa suite with a shower room, and a Clinic room. We offer a wide range of services, from Thalgo Facials to Full Body Massage, Body scrubs & Mud Wraps, to advanced treatments such as Microneedling and much more. Click the 'Our Treatments' button below and take a look at what we offer. 


Meet The Founder

Blossom Day spa was founded by Sareena in 2022, driven by hard work and a passion for the Spa and Wellness Industry. Sareena started off working in retail while studying. Although her passion was not retail, Sareena’s journey began by learning the fundamental importance of providing excellent customer service. Through this, her character developed and it was evident to see she had a caring and helpful nature, she would try her best to help customers, work colleagues, family & friends to the best of her ability.


Sareena moved on from retail to pursue her passion for spa. She started off as an apprentice, then worked in make-up, to working in Spas within the UK. Sareena completed her Spa Management degree at University College Birmingham (UCB), following this, Sareena then completed her Business Enterprise Degree at UCB and graduated with a first class honours. Sareena also won the 2018 Thalgo Therapist of the year award. Through her years of study and hard work, she found her passion, Thalassotherapy - Ocean wellness. Sareena has continued to further her professional development by divulging into other advanced treatments such as Electrical Facials, Microneedling to name a few and completed her Educating and Teaching Level 3 award.

Sareena - Founder of Blossom Day Spa & Academy 

"Throughout my whole career, I was met with many trials in my personal life which I can only say now, has made me much stronger as an individual, as a woman and as a mother. Launching the Day Spa was one of my goals, a dream which I thought I would never be able to achieve. From being homeless, a single parent of my two amazing children and being an abuse survivor, my confidence and self-esteem was depleted, I found myself doubting whether I was good enough to make this happen. But it was all by the grace of GOD that I kept myself going, studying, taking small steps towards my goal. I am so proud to have come out the end of the tunnel, to a light as bright as Blossom Day Spa. It was my love for GOD, my love for my children and my love for the wellness industry that allowed me to bring together Spa and Ocean wellness to you all and I am so honoured to teach and share my knowledge and experience with everyone." 

Thalassotherapy did you know...

In the 18th century, British Physician Doctor Richard Russel, introduced Thalassotherapy in Brighton, he advised his patients to bathe in and drink seawater as part of their prescription for healing. Dr Russel went on to write a dissertation to where he expressed his theories regarding the use of Sea water to heal Glandular Disease, the dissertation was named, ‘Dissertation on the Use of Sea Water in the Affections of the Glands’. This book was the first of its kind as this made a link between seawater being used to improve health and wellness.

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A French Biologist & Physiologist called René Quinton had a passion in the study of ‘the origins of life’ his theories were based upon seawater being the matrix of life. He undertook research and experiments and discovered that seawater has a similar chemical composition as blood plasma. Overall Quinton came to the conclusion that seawater a vital source to all living beings with the possibility of healing and curing alignments/ ill health / disease. In 1904, Quinton wrote his findings and theories in a book called ‘L’eau de mer, milieu organique.’

As you can see throughout the years there have been many studies conducted which highlight the Oceans mineral and trace-mineral content, further research and studies show how this can benefit overall wellness.

Please note Thalassotherapy should not be use as a substitute for medicine, always seek and follow medical advice from your GP.

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